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SANWA M12s Special Limited Edition (Piano Black)

SANWA M12s Special Limited Edition (Piano Black)
Harga Rp 7.350.000
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SANWA M12s Special Limited Edition (Piano Black)

The M12 is fast. But the M12S is even faster. Its response time is 30% faster than the M12’s, the currently fastest transmitter in the world. World Champion Naoto Matsukura explains: “Control is very fine and quick, without any unnecessary movements. It is now more easy to trace the racing line than before.”

His fellow countryman Satoshi Maezumi adds: “There is no delay from turn in to corner exit. If there are accidents during a race, it would be easier to avoid other cars. For finals, the fast and accurate response makes it easy to have a good starting dash.”

And the Sanwa M12S has plenty more to offer than just being super fast. An excellently linear drive feeling due to high resolution increases the driving stability in the final match. In addition, the throttle / brake trigger is fully adjustable. For Naoya Kitagawa this is even more important than the response time: “Having a good brake performance becomes more important, especially in electric powered racing.”

Adjustable steering wheel position as well as functions like CODE-AUX, mixer, telemetry (defeatable), programmable fail safe, timer and safety link top off this complete package and result in a transmitter that: “In terms of details, speed, and linearity exceeds the M12 in all of these areas” (Kenji Osaka).

Compatible Sanwa receivers: RX-482WP, RX-481WP, RX-482, RX-481, RX-472, RX-471 Dual ID, RX-471W, RX-471, RX-462, RX-461, RX451R, RX-451, RX-381.



  • 30% faster than the previously fastest transmitter worldwide (M12)
  • Fully adjustable throttle trigger and steering wheel
  • Adjustable steering wheel position
  • Earphone jack - perfect at nitro races
  • 4-Channel 2.4GHz FH4T Digital High-Response Telemetry System with Advanced Programming and SSL



  • 50 Model Memory w/ Direct Model Select Up to 3 Models
  • Receiver Safety Link
  • Large, Easy-to-Read LCD with Smooth Scrolling ( with Optional White or Blue Backlight)
  • Five Racing Modes Allow Setup Changes on the Fly While Driving
  • Programmable Push-Button Switches, Trim Switches, Lever and Dial
  • Normal, SHR and SSR Channel Response Modes
  • Programmable Fail Safe
  • Weight 564g
  • Voltage input 4.8 - 7.4V
  • Modulation method FH3, FHT4 - 2.4GHz
  • Response time 0.88 ms


RX-472 Receiver Specification:

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8~7.4V
  • Weight 6.6g
  • Dimensions: 30.0x23.3x14.0mm



  • Sanwa M12S 2.4GHz FHSS-4 4Channels Transmitter Set (1 pc)
  • RX-472 Receiver (1 pc)
  • RX-482 (1 pc)
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