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Rp 150.000
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SWEEP RACING 1:8 Buggy Dish Wheel Zero Offset V3 White 4pcs

SWEEP RACING 1:8 Buggy Dish Wheel Zero Offset V3 White 4pcs
Harga Rp 150.000 Rp 135.000
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Kode #SW-BW4
Berat Barang 300.00 Gram

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The V3 wheels are made out of top secret hybrid materials, resulting in an extremely light weight wheel at 34g. Although very light, they are also exceptionally strong and measure the maximum diameter of 83mm. These wheels will spin true for many races, and uphold our reputation of having some of the most true and balanced wheels on the market.
Based on Sweep’s team drivers feedback, the V3 wheels feature 10 ribs to provide a rigid structure to prevent excessive flex. This results in maximum grip and consistency.

Other improvements have been made as well. The gluing beads have a sand paper like finish to improve bonding performance with the tires without additional preparation. We also created a "glue path" on the gluing beads to keep the glue from overflowing out of the bead. This prevents glue from flowing into the insert, resulting in subpar performance.
Fits readily on all 1/8 buggy tires.



  • 83mm ROAR Maximum Diameter.
  • 34grams, feel the diffrence light weight.
  • Perfect balance. more traction, better handling.
  • Glue Path, keeping glue off the inserts.
  • Comes 4 Wheels per a set.
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